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Mon aventure ibérique – Séville

If you’ve read my previous post about Granada, then you know I left with a very heavy heart. Not only did I have an amazing time in Granada, but arriving in Seville meant My Iberian Adventure was coming to an end.

From Granada to Seville

I travelled to Seville by bus and train, which was the last use of my Eurail Pass of my Iberian Adventure.

My route was detoured due to a broken rail line. However, the train company arranged alternate transportation. From Granada, I took a direct bus to Antequera, and then connected with a train to Seville. Trains quickly became my fav way to travel, so I cherished every moment of that last train ride. The olive trees sprawled across the land, coupled with unique terrain revealed the essence of the Spanish countryside to me!

Jour 1 – Séville

Oasis Backpackers Palace, was my destination in Seville. This hostel is incredible, and the rooftop terrace is stunning. It also has picnic tables and a swimming pool, which is ideal to cool off in the hot Spanish sun. A great place to chill out!

To Get to the Hostel:

-Take Bus 32 towards Plaza del Duque 1,40 EUR get off at the last stop

-Walk 4 mins down Alfonso XII street and you’ll see the hostel

Once I checked in, I dropped my things off and went to explore. It was then I learned the number one thing to consider when in Seville on a Sunday – almost all stores are closed. Instead of perusing shops, I went on a relaxing walk and took some pics before I went back to the hostel to wind down. I treated myself to a face mask before getting some rest, in preparation for the next day’s activities!

Jour 2

I started off Monday with a walking tour from Pancho Tours. They picked us up from the hostel and brought us to the meeting point in front of La Giralda. We visited the most important points in Seville and were given brief history lessons at each location. Real Alcázar de Sevilla, Torre de Oro, University of Seville, and Plaza de España were just a few of the destinations. The tour ended Maria Luisa Park.

Plaza de España is especially unique because of the detail displayed on every piece of ceramic. The alcoves showcased every province in Spain, and Spanish Regionalism architecture were something I had only ever seen in Seville.

After lunch, I made my way back to the hostel and cooled off by the pool! Hanging out by the rooftop pool I got to meet many travellers from Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, and the United States. We enjoyed a fantastic afternoon in the sun!

That evening, I attended a Flamenco Show in Triana, which was a total highlight! Before the show began, we learned about Flamenco, which helped me appreciate the performance much more. The show was captivating, and is definitely a must see while in Seville!

The singer’s powerful voice evoked painful emotions described within the lyrics. It was refreshing to see two young artists (the guitarist and the dancer) enjoy such a traditional art. And the venue, Pura Esencia, was very intimate. She told a very interesting story with her body and the accompanying music added to the intensity of the performance.

The saying is true– time flies when you’re having fun!

After Flamenco, I got a bite to eat with a couple who had also attended the Flamenco Show. I retreated and prepared for the final day of My Iberian Adventure.

Jour 3

The last day of My Iberian Adventure started around noon. I explored with a friend I met in Granada and toured around Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter. Santa Cruz is enchanting with its tiny streets, white buildings, and beautiful overgrowth of plants and flowers.

Afterwards, we made our way to my favourite tapas bar in Seville, Bodega Santa Cruz. We ventured out of our comfort zone and had Carrillada de Ternera (Beef cheeks), Eggplants with honey, and Estofado de Pollo (Chicken Stew). They were all delicious!

Since I was leaving at 4 a.m. the next day, I wanted to make sure I had everything in order. And since I was so efficient, I had time for one last Pub Crawl to end my trip! The Pub Crawl at the Oasis Backpackers Palace is 10€ and takes you to two bars, one club, gives you a mojito, and three shots. But since it was a Tuesday and nightclubs were closed, we were scheduled for only two bars.

Our Pub Crawl guide Rey was so animated he got everybody in party mode while at the rooftop bar. We went to La Rebotica, where the speakers filled the bar with vibrant Latin music, which had everybody dancing! Sadly, this is where my night ended as I had an early flight. But the pub crawl continued to the next bar!

On my final flight, I had to wrap my head around the fact that My Iberian Adventure with Famous Hostels was officially over.

Final Moments

I made my way to the airport at 4 a.m. with plenty of time to check in for my 7 A.M. flight. I had a crazy flight plan, scheduled to take about 20 hours. As I made my way to the airport, I felt Seville was the perfect city to end my Iberian adventure. It summed up a month’s worth of travel so well! I met amazing people from all over the world, participated in unique activities, and became a professional city explorer!

Ready for your Own Adventure?

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It’ s been a blast working for such hospitable and passionate people who aim to bring an unforgettable experience to genuine backpackers from all over the world. Thank you to those who’ve followed me on every step on this adventure! It’s been an absolute pleasure to share my experiences this past month.

Read about the rest of my Iberian Adventure, where I visited Porto, Lisbonne, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga et Granada! Hasta pronto!


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