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Guia Top 10 de Jerusalém

Yad Vashem is a memorial for all those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. The Jewish people have safeguarded the memory for years now to teach the coming generations. The Yad Vashem was established in the year 953 for commemoration and research purposes of the Holocaust. A visit here is a humbling experience and certainly one of the top ten Jerusalem sights.

top ten jerusalem western wall

O muro das lamentações is believed to be the Holiest of places in the city. The Europeans called this Wall, the “Wailing wall” for the Jews mourn the loss of the Second temple which was once inside it.

The Tower of David is a huge museum which popularly goes by the name of Museum of History of Jerusalem The archaeological garden has a lovely historic feel to it. The sights are unforgettable. Even on Saturdays, this beautiful place is open till late, so make sure you take time out of your busy schedule to come here.

The Israel Museum is where one will come across some rare finds If you like to read manuscripts and get a better understanding of history; this is the place to be. The dome shaped structure also called as the Shrine if the Book is housed here. The huge frame is reflected in the water which surrounds. This museum showcases some of the rarest of rare finds. If you want a slice of history, you know where to find it. The Israel Museum is regarded by locals and tourists alike as the best museum in the city.

haas promenade

The huge King David Hotel is the most famous hotel in the city. The hotel has hosted many famous names and royal figures in the past and recent present. Post Jerusalem was again united, the Hotel was opened once again with new management to look after it. The Hotel is so big that you will be left with a wide open mouth. Have lunch here after you have explored the whole royal hotel on your own.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is perfect for a day trip. The children’s zoo is perfect for allowing kids to interact with harmless animals. The beautiful Pygmy goats shall leave one amazed with their agility! The petting corner allows one to touch rabbits, pigs and chicks. The entry fee is peanuts compared to the fun you will have once inside.

The Western Walls Tunnels are fascinating to say the least. When you are in the city, do take a tour of them. The hidden layers here will allow you to understand the history of ancient Jerusalem. The whole tour of this place takes about 1 and a half hours. This is one place that you must not miss out on.

Top Ten Jerusalem: Shopping!

If you love to shop then the Mahane Yehuda market is the perfect shopping destination. You can buy cheese, exotic fruits, wines, chocolates and coffee beans along with so much more. The market stalls have many trendy restaurants also. Fridays are usually crowded so try going on any other weekday. If you get tired while walking feel free to sip some coffee in one of the coffee shops here. The Mahane Yehuda market is the perfect place for a shopper to find everything that they need at dirt cheap prices.

top ten mercado Jerusalém

The Meir Panim’s Free Restaurant is something that you must visit and see for yourself. The restaurant is helping Jerusalem by feeding hundreds of its hungry every single day. The restaurant serves 5 meals every week to malnourished Israelis and you can even pitch up and help if you want to. The Free restaurant has been serving the community for quite a while now. If you love to do charity work, feel free to join in.

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