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Gite di un giorno nei dintorni di Budapest

Posizione: Budapest Lunghezza: Mezza giornata o giornata intera Needed: Walking shoes & Good mood Language: English

Miglior ostello in città!Vuoi sentire il polso di Budapest mentre godendo un ambiente rilassante e pulito con un'atmosfera amichevole? Situato nel cuore della città in un palazzo ristrutturato costruito dalla dinastia degli Asburgo, il Maverick Hostel è aperto agli ospiti nel suo splendore originale.

Informazioni di base

There is more to explore in Hungary. the guys from Mavericks Hostel will be more than happy to tell you where to go for hikes through untouched nature & fairytale towns.

Go visit – get out and do some Budapest day trips! Book with us.

1. Szentendre

Szentendre is a small town on the bank of the Duna river, up north from Budapest. The origin of the town is dated back to roman times and it is famous of its artistic seen and open air museum village, the skanzen which kept its mediavel look. It has some nice restaurants as well and a lovely river front. They organise different cultural events too, especially in summer time. You can visit it with a local train from Budapest or even with a boatride. You can also add an other stop in Lupa island which is a cool little island in between Szentendre and Budapest.

2. Visegrád

If you go further north on the Duna, you will find two more nice little town in the large turning of the river with splendid view and ancient castle and basilica. Visegrád is the closer one which is exactly in the curve. Several Hungarian kings used to go here for vacation, that is why it has an old castle and even ruins from the romans. The larger and further town is Esztergom. It has a huge basilica and was a main royal and economic hub in previous centuries and still the catholic center of Hungary.

3. Etyek

Now we head to west to Etyek. This small town became famous of its gastronomy. There are vineries, inn, restaurants and artisan manufacturers. It is only 30km away from Budapest, so you can either organize transport and return in the evening or stay one night in the country side.

4. Börzsöny

Börzsöny is part of the Northern Mountains of Hungary. It is basically a large and beautiful forest area with some peaks, the highest is Csóványos 983 m. You can do some tracking or even better to do a bike trip. You have quite good chance to see different wild animals like deers, wildboars, roes or even mouflons. Even more chance if you choose more hidden tracklines.

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Ti bivakoltatok már? 🏞 Nemnem ment el az eszem és akár gondolhatnátok bármilyen építőiparral kapcsolatos tevékenységre is a hangzásából ítélve. 😂 A bivak (bivouac) francia eredetű szó, a szabad ég alatt való alvást/tartózkodást/táborozást jelenti. És hogy hogy jön ez most ide? 🤗 A Dunakanyar dúskál a bivakhelyszínekben, szebbnél szebb panorámás helyeken, kilátókban és barlangokban tölthetjuk akár az éjszakát! ⛰🗼Mindegyik hely ad valami pluszt az ott tartózkodáshoz a fekhelyen kívül. Néhány bivakhelyszínt a Pilisben és a Börzsönyben megtaláltok a Turista magazin júliusi számában. 📰 Sosem késő megőrülni 😉Ti tudtok még ilyeneket? 📸Fotó: Hegedűs Botond

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10 useful expressions in Hungarian:

Egy sört kérek I would like a beer.

Mennyibe kerül? How much does it cost?

Köszönöm Thank you

Viszlát/SziaGood bye/ Hi and See you

Merre van a Parlament? Where is the Parliament?

Iszol velem egy italt?Would you drink with me?

Hány óra? What time is it?

Milyen lesz ma az idő?How will be the weather today?

Nem beszélek magyarul.I dont speak Hungarian.

Egy, kettő, három, négy, öt, hat, hét, nyolc, kilenc, tízone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Elvinne a Keleti pályaudvarhoz?Would you take me to Keleti station?

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