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Top 10 Things to See in Belgrade

10 Things to See in Belgrade

Wondering what are the top things to see inBelgrade? Check out our guide for our favourite things in the Serbian capital!

Sitting on the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade is one of Europe’s oldest cities and is very proud of their history. Beograd (its Serbian name) is waiting for you to explore its churches, fortresses, culture, delicious food, and more! Curious about this destination? Then read on to see the Top 10 Things to See in Belgrade.

6 Things to See in Belgrade

10 Things to See in Belgrade

1. Monument to Vuk Karadžić

Vuk Stefanović Karadžić reformed the Serbian language, and a monument dedicated to him in one of Belgrade’s largest squares. Born in 1787, Vuk Karadžić worked as a scribe in the Soviet Government following the First Serbian Uprising. He left for Vienna in 1813, and began his work on new Serbian literature, language and grammar. He published the Serbian Dictionary in 1818, containing his grammatical reform of Serbian. In 1897, Vuk’s remains were carried from Vienna to Belgrade and buried in the port of the Cathedral.

2. Kalemegdan Fortress

What was once an important military fortress is now a central and popular park and one of the top things to see in Belgrade. Enter Kalemegdan at the end of Knez Mihailova street, and take in the beautiful views, especially at sunset. Remember Belgrade’s Serbian name, Beograd? It means, ‘white city’ and is named after Kalemegdan, which is white! Stroll around the parks, explore the fortress walls, or take a break at one of the many cafes and restaurants around the area, just like the locals do. You should also take advantage of the tennis and basketball courts as well!

6 Things to See in Belgrade

Kalemegdan Fortress

2. Church of The Virgin Mother Ruzica

This church has a lot of history, so it deserves a spot on our list of top things to see in Belgrade. Accounts suggest the church was first built in the 15th century, but was destroyed in 1521 by the Turks. After reconstruction, it served as a storage area for gunpowder in the 18th century. Again, it underwent renovation in 1925, and is open to visitors. The Chapel of St. Petka, built upon a “miraculous spring” is also located nearby.

3. Gardoš

Gardoš is a cool neighboured on a hill located on the right side of the Danube. Wander through narrow streets and visit old churches, like the Church of Saint Demetreus. And make sure to check out the old Zemun cemetery next to it. At the top of the hill, you can also visit Gardoš Tower, which is also known as Millennium Tower. You’ll love the views of the river and Belgrade from here!

4. Nikola Tesla Museum

A visit to this museum is one of the top things to see in Belgrade! Nikola Tesla was born in Serbia and is famous for his significant contributions to the development of electric engineering. He pioneered the technology behind alternating currents, radio, and AC motors, among others. Half of the museum showcases Tesla’s personal effects, while the other half contains models of his inventions.

And don’t worry if you find science a little complicated! The museum has English-speaking guides who are engineering students at the University of Belgrade, and they’d be happy to help you understand the sometimes-complicated science.

5. Cathedral of Saint Sava

This is the largest Orthodox Temple in Serbia, and while it’s not quite complete, it’s definitely one of the top 16 things to see in Belgrade. Construction began in 1935, and has since continued in phases. While the interior isn’t yet finished, visitors can access the north aisle. You’ll be very impressed with the marble and plaster work!

6 Things to See in Belgrade

Church of Saint Siva

6. Great War Island

This island was a strategic defence position in World War I, and it’s our last suggestion in our top 16 things to see in Belgrade. You can cross the Danube by a pontoon bridge in Summer to visit a wonderful nature reserve in the middle of the city. But you can also get here by boat! On the northern part of the island is Lido beach, which is open in the summer. If you’re not into swimming, the island is heavily wooded and is perfect for bird spotting and picnicking!

7. Lake Ada Ciganlija

This artificial lake in the centre of the city is also called Sea of Belgrade. It has an 8 km long gravel beach, and is a pretty popular spot to swim and sunbathe in summer. Feeling hungry? Visit one of the many cafes or restaurants for a delicious bite to eat! But you can also bring a picnic and have a BBQ if you’d like.

If you’re more into sports, you can rent a bike or inline skates here as well. We also encourage you to take advantage of the terrains for football, basketball, golf, tennis, and beach volleyball. And if that’s not enough for you, you can try out some water sports!

9. Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova is the main shopping and pedestrian area in Belgrade, and features tons of beautiful architecture. Historically, it’s believed the modern street follows the central grid layout of Singidunum, which was a Roman city before the establishment of Belgrade. In the 1870s, several buildings and mansions were constructed here and the street was finally named Knez Mihailova, after the Serbian prince at the time. A stroll here is one of the top things to see in Belgrade, especially if you love shopping.

10 Things to See in Belgrade

Knez Mihailova

10. Boat Tours

And if you just want to take it easy while in Belgrade, we recommend booking a boat tour. Starting at roughly 30€, you can take a 2 hour boat tour and see the best landmarks along the Danube and Sava Rivers. We think it’s a great way to see the Serbian capital.

Where to Stay in Belgrade

For the best accommodation in Belgrade, book ArkaBarka Floating Hostel. This ultra cool hostel floats on the Danube, and has a bar you won’t want to miss. They also host a range of activities, including yoga. So bring your mat if you plan on staying here!

10 Things to See in Belgrade

You’ll love this dynamic city and all it has to offer, so we hope our guide to 10 things to see in Belgrade has helped you plan your time. It’s a destination you won’t want to miss! If you need more information to help you plan your vacation, click aqui for a range of helpful tips, city guides, food guides, and more. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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