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12 mejor gratis aplicaciones de viaje para mochileros

Get the most out of your trip with our favourite free travel apps for backpackers! Here are the top 12 according to our hostel staff at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel:


The best checklist travel app out there, PackPoint well help you get your luggage to a travel-friendly size while making sure you don’t forget the essentials. Share details about your trip, such as destination and length, and PackPoint will create a packing list for you, even taking into account the weather. No excuse for overpacking!


Make booking your air travel easier and get a better price by using Hopper’s clever app to predict price fluctuations and watch flights. Their algorithms do the hard work for you and you can save and follow flights or destinations to get booking alerts when prices change. All you need to do is choose where to go!


This trip planning app is great for mapping out and sharing your route, finding attractions and places to see, eat, drink, and stay along the way. There’s so much detail on destinations that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and you can share you trip with friends as well as sync to multiple devices. Don’t hit the road without it!

You know that moment when you’ve just woken up and you wonderwhere am I? Well, if you have, you’ll always know! Heavy night or just being plain can be downloaded while you have data to use when you don’t, and includes cities or regions, to give you complete access to maps from around the world while you’re offlinesimilar to Google Maps. Bingo.


This app is the wisest oracle when it comes to how to get somewherejust ask it where you want to go and it will let you know all transport options for getting there! Great for bus and train times locally.


Well as you might imagine, this is a hitlist of all the places you’re going to want to go to the second you download the app. There are themed lists to suggest activities for your holidays as well as the ability to search the best flight deals. You just put in the country, region, theme, city you’re thinking of, and they’ll come back with suggestions. It even shows you which friends have been so you can tap them up for tips. The folks at Hitlist are also now integrating bookings for accommodation for 2018.


We love this scrapbook app which allows you to record your journey either through text and images, or you can get your a montage by having other travel pals contributed. It’s great to look back over your trip on your digital journal!

Trail Wallet

This is a budget traveler dream app as it allows you to keep track of your spending with its handy daily budget and expenses functions. There are over 200 currencies listed so there’s no excuse for blowing all your cash in the first bar!

Google Trips

As you would expect from Google, this app covers almost everything and takes all your bookings and reservations from your email and creates your itinerary for each trip. From there it then suggests all the local sights and travel recommendations based on your preferences. Details are saved when you’re offline so you can access your pocket travel agent wherever you are. Genius.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer then SnapSeed is the editing app for you. It’s not the most obvious in terms of function, but once you’ve mastered its magic then you’ll be impressed by the semi pro editing that can be produced.

Google Translate

Sounds obvious but you might need some help with the local lingoso Google Translate has cleverly made an app that allows you to translate words, phrases and even sentences to another language as if by magic. This clever app can even read signs for youout loud!

Hang Over

Instead of wondering where those hang overs came from, you’ll know! Keep a track on all those shots with this handy app that allows you to check when you’ve got too over excited with the local schnapps and remind you to have some days off. Android only.
Those are our handy travel app tips for backpackers free on IOS and Android! If you’re looking for something cool and unique – checkout Famous Hostels!
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