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An association of European hostels setting the standards, promoting each other, and being promoted collectively.

Once upon a time in Austria

We began as a group of 5 famous top-rated hostels back in 1995 and named ourselves “The Famous Five”. Over the last 20 years budget traveling has taken off and due to huge demand for the “new concept” budget and stylish accommodation there was a need to expand. Our team searched high and low throughout some of Europe’s most electrifying cities and found hostels that matched our Famous Hostel standards and ethos: safe, fun, and the best experience.

To become a member of the Europe’s Famous Hostels, the hostel in question has to offer the best genuine backpacker experience in their destination.

We look for hostels that can offer top of the range accommodation and a unique user experience that you will never forget! In 2001 The Famous Five re-launched themselves as Europe’s Famous Hostels, and have been expanding ever since. Each hostel so is an independent hostel assuring you an authentic, local experience in each of our locations. All our members are dedicated to offering you the best tips and advice for traveling and enjoying their city.

Staying with us at Europe’s Famous Hostels means a unique stay across our European network with guidance and support along the way.

The Genuine Backpacker Experience

Europe’s Famous Hostels is an association with a group of 43 independently run hostels from all around Europe who group together to promote each other and create a community in the hostel world. The Association’s purpose is to offer a genuine backpacker experience across Europe. Each city has only one Famous Hostel and staying at a Europe’s Famous Hostel guarantees you’ll have a great stay and an authentic experience in each destination.

Each Hostel is unique. Customers know that staying with Famous Hostels will be unique every time in every destination.

Mission and Standards

The mission of the Association is to build the brand “Europe’s Famous Hostels” as a brand recognized as offering the best genuine backpacker experience for young and independent travellers in Europe, and to develop a network of Member’s hostels which enables its Members to work together to improve their business and promote the brand by sharing experience, information and business with each other. One of our main concerns is that each hostel is unique and provides an authentic and local experience for travellers.

It’s not about selling beds, it’s about selling the best experience. Our hostels are award winning, fun, safe and provide the best backpacker experience. We expect hostels to maintain these standards, and make a maximum effort provide good times, great memories and good value for travellers.

Promoting the Brand

The association is dedicated toward promoting Europe’s Famous Hostels brand, through our website, merchandising, flyers, exhibitions, and training of all reception staff. The association reaches millions of backpackers around the world, through the Famous Hostels website, Social Media sites, Blog but also through the hostels directly.

The ambition of the association is to continue to extend its network across Europe and to create a one-stop-shop for customers looking to travel the world on a budget but in style. Not only can you book your next hostel with us but locals give you tips on what to see and where to go while in their city.

If you would like to find out more information about our famous hostels please contact us: info@famoushostels.com


About us
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