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44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

Have a passion for sandwiches and wondering where to get the best in Europe? Or maybe you need some inspiration at home? Check out our guide to the 44 best sandwiches in Europe!

The old continent is home to lots of incredible dishes, but Europe is also home to some of the best sandwiches! Whether you’re looking for a nice lunch, or something to hold you over between meals, a sandwich is the quintessential answer whenever you’re on the go. Wondering about the Best Sandwiches in Europe? We’ll travel through 44 cities and tell you about the 44 best ones! We’ve divided the list into meat lovers, seafood, and vegetarian options so you don’t spend time reading about things you can’t eat.

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe. Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Best Sandwiches in Europe – Meat Lovers

This is the dominant category as Europeans love meat and its a staple across many kitchens across the continent. As a result, we’ve divided this category even further into countries to help navigate your culinary adventures that much easier.

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe – Meat Lovers. Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


Athens: Gyros is a typical Greek sandwich, and they’re super popular in Athens. Made with cow, lamb, or rolled pork, wrapped in pita bread and garnished with onion, tomato, chilli, pitted olives, and yoghurt sauce, it’s sure to leave your mouth watering!

Corfu: A traditional Corfu kebab includes chicken or lamb and cut into strips. Garnished with tomato, onion, fresh cheese, yoghurt sauce and spices, it’s sure to satisfy your cravings!

Rhodes. Chicken sandwiches are in high demand in Rhodes, but we suggest trying it with peanuts, lettuce, and mayonnaise.


Barcelona: The Bikini is a hot, melted cheese and ham sandwich The perfect mix to satisfy yourself!

Bilbao: York ham and lettuce are the main sandwich ingredients, but the secret is in the sauce! The red sauce is a mix of garlic, mustard, piquillo pepper, and red pepper, while the white sauce is just mayonnaise and milk.

Granada: Ever try fried fava beans with Spanish ham in a sandwich? Then Granada is the place for you!

Madrid: In Madrid, it’s the calamari sandwich and the pork cheek sandwich with cooked chanterelles, green beans, and melted cheese. Unreal!

Malaga: The Campero is famous in Malaga, although it has basic ingredients. It’s a combination of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Seville. You can’t leave Seville without trying its traditional Iberian ham! Order it with fresh tomato!

Valencia. You have to try Almussafes. It’s a juicy mixture of sobrasada, cheese, and onion.


Belgrade: The capital of Serbia has a real niche with meat sandwiches, and they can be filled with almost anything. You can try the tastiest hamburger style beef sandwich, with tomato, cheese, and chips inside!


Berlin: The most famous in Berlin is the Pastrami sandwich and also quite filling. The bread is usually smeared with mustard, giving it a fresh and original taste.

Frankfurt: The sausage sandwich combines the typical elements of German cuisine: sausage, sauerkraut, topped with mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard.

Munich: Sausage sandwiches in Munich are garnished with cabbage, tartar sauce, pickles and olives. An authentic Bavarian sandwich.


Bratislava: This is perhaps the city with least amount of sandwich tradition, nevertheless they love pulled meats. Top it off with onion, tomato, and egg.


Budapest: Can you imagine trying Hungarian goulash in a sandwich? Well, you can! For such a tasty treat, it’s hard to believe it’s only beef, onion, tomato, paprika, and cumin.


Dublin: It’s easy to prepare this delicious and fresh Dublin sandwich: pear, cheese, and bacon.


Edinburgh: Here we have the pulled pork sandwich. The pork is cooked at a low temperature, and then cut into strips. It’s garnished with BBQ sauce or honey.

London: The essential London sandwich is made up of pickled vegetables, pan-fried meat, cheese, and pickles, with chicken or ham salad and mustard.


Interlaken: This Swiss sandwich is simple, yet filling! All it needs is chicken, lettuce, tomato, and spices. Sometimes the bread is dipped in cheese.


Lisbon: The Francesinha is the most important sandwich in Lisbon. Created in the 50s, it’s made of cooked ham, mortadella, fresh sausage, grilled pork loin, beef fillet, and several layers of cheese.

Porto: Porto shares a star sandwich with Lisbon—la Francesinha, made with cooked ham, tender mortadella, fresh sausage, grilled pork loin, and lots of cheese.


Marseille: The Croque-monsieur or Croques-madame is a must try! An attractive sandwich with ham and Emmental or Gruyère cheese, heated on the grill or baked in the oven, and always topped with a fried egg. You’ll hallucinate with the first bite!

Paris: As in Marseille, the famous Croque-monsieur with ham and melted Emmental or Gruyère cheese with a fried egg at the base also dominates in Paris. Super juicy!


Milan: Being Italy, there’s not a huge sandwich culture here. But it’s not unheard of to ask for a heavy Milanese sandwich or breaded meat, garnished with a sauce to soften the bite.

Naples: Although Naples is the birthplace of the margarita pizza, you can’t go wrong with a Neapolitan sandwich! It’s essentially the same as a Milanese, but it’s baked with cheese and ham and bathed in sauce.

Rome. What sandwich should you order in romantic Rome? Along with the classic paninis, Rome is also famous for its good sausage and its wide range of cheeses, so any mix of these is a good choice.

Sorrento. Take advantage of your visit to Sorrento by trying the exquisite Italian sausage. A mix with this local product is undoubtedly the best decision to enjoy a quality sandwich.


Salzburg: The Bosna is the traditional sandwich here. It consists of boiled sausage, onions, and a mix of ketchup, mustard, and curry powder.

Vienna: In Vienna, the sausage is the quintessential king of the sandwich, and deliciously compliments the lettuce, mayonnaise, and cheese. It’s easy to make and a safe bet for a quick and filling snack.


Warsaw. It’s difficult to decide on a Polish sandwich as many of its one of their culinary strengths. We recommend breaded fillets, pork knuckle, or Polish sausage sandwiches!

Best Sandwiches in Europe – Seafood

Like meat, seafood plays a pretty important role across many European kitchens. From fresh sardines to salted fish, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with these options!

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe – Seafood

Amsterdam: Seafood is especially important to the Dutch. We suggest the herring sandwich with pickled cucumber and onion.

Bruges: Mussels are a typical food in Brussels, and you can even find them in sandwich version! It’s a quick, rich, and fresh dish while you get to know this fairy-tale city.

Copenhagen: This city gives us smørrebrød—slices of rye bread smeared with butter and topped with chilled foods such as cold meats (optional), pâtés, smoked or marinated fish, prawns, eggs, sauces, dill, and chives.

Istanbul: Apart from the kebabs, Turkey keeps a lot of surprises such as delicious fish sandwiches. One option is to put grilled or fried mackerel fillets with lettuce and onion between two pieces of soft bread.

Nice: In the French Riviera, it’s common to eat anchovy sandwiches. Stuffed with onions, green peppers, black olives, basil, and olive oil, it’s a delicious sandwich!

Stockholm. We have moved to Stockholm, and in this cold but beautiful city we have the shrimp sandwich, or Räksmörgås, which includes a hard-boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a romsås cream, dill, and roe.

Utrecht. Choose a simple anchovies sandwich with gherkin pickles. You can also replace the anchovies with sardines or hake fillet.

Zagreb. Surprised to find sardine sandwiches in Zagreb? They’re everywhere! They don’t add any garnish due to the strong tasting sardines, but you can get lettuce and tomato.

Best Sandwiches in Europe – Vegetarian / Vegan

Europe is home to many fresh and delicious veggies, so sandwiches stuffed with them can be found almost everywhere! The surge in vegetarian and vegan diets has also pushed for the availability of veggie friendly sandwiches, so you’ll really never go without!

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

44 Best Sandwiches in Europe – Vegetarian & Vegan

Jerusalem: The sabich or sabih is a traditional sandwich served in pita bread and stuffed with fried aubergine, hard-boiled egg, and parsley. A bite both fresh and original—you’ll love it!

Lille: This city in northern France is particularly well-known for its cheeses. It’s important you choose a sandwich with one, or several cheese that compliment each other. Ham is a typical accompaniment, but not necessary!

Prague: A popular option in Prague is the fried cheese arugula sandwich. It’s simple and satisfying!

Rimini: Rimini opts for vegetable sandwiches thanks to their abundantly fresh gardens! We won’t even bother telling you what to order: have fun making your own delicious creation!

Rotterdam. In Rotterdam, they love their classic sandwich made of bread, eggs, mozzarella, tomatoes, and cheese. You can find it in most restaurants!

Where To Stay in Europe

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44 Best Sandwiches in Europe

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the 44 Best Sandwiches in Europe. After all, a great adventure is always complimented with great culinary memories! If you need more information to help you plan your vacation, click here for a range of helpful tips, city guides, food guides, and more. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on InstagramFacebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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