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Prague is known by many names – in Latin, it is mater urbium, the mother of cities, and in Czech, this is affectionately shortened to matička, the little mother. The city’s old and beautiful architecture is also alluded to in names like the “city of a hundred spires” or “golden Prague”. Yet whatever this ancient city is called, there is one aspect of it that has always been difficult to summarise with a cute nickname. Pulsing somewhere underneath the medieval cobblestones or above the Gothic towers is a special feeling that never fails to strike visitors of this ancient crossroads. From the Golem of Prague to the novels of Kafka this magical and sometimes dark feeling pervades much of the history of this city.
And it is a long history indeed, with roots stretching far back into the reaches of time. Prague was a centre of alchemy, astronomy and architecture. Yet it is no less vibrant a city today. With efficient public transit and lively pubs or hearty restaurants on every corner, Prague is above all a centre of good living. The city is alive with music, art, theatre and other forms of culture, both home-grown and imported by the many who have felt the pull to make their homes here.
Yet despite this onslaught of loaded history and bustling present, Prague rarely overwhelms. For a city of 1.2 million people, it feels surprisingly like a village. In this way Prague is truly like a good mother, protecting you but also letting you discover life’s secrets for yourself. And there are certainly many secrets hidden in this city in the centre of Europe. Prague’s rulers and visitors alike have been trying to get to the bottom of them for centuries, but of course, no good secret could ever be summarised with a single name.

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