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Eat With Europe’s Famous Hostels

Posted at:5 September, 2014 in general, Special Events

Travelling is all about learning local customs, traditions, meeting people and understanding cultures.

Not to mention trying the local food.

eat with europe's famous hostels

‘In all my years of traveling, connecting with the locals has always made my experiences more meaningful. I enjoy tours, museums, tourist sites, and eating at great restaurants. But as a tourist, it’s easy to feel disconnected, like you’re walking in a bubble.

‘The best way to break the bubble and enrich your connection to a place is to interact with real people in their own private spaces. After my evening with the Papadakis’s, this is exactly what happened.’

Guy Michlin, co-founder of EatWith


Some of the questions asked most often at Hostel Receptions is ‘where do the locals eat’ and ‘what are the typical foods here?’.

Thought up after a long night eating at the Papadakis family’s home on the island of Crete in 2010, puts locals and travellers together to share a night of tradition local food and great conversation.


Eat like locals, with locals.


Locals looking to host dinner parties for strangers upload their details and proposed menus to the EatWith website where you can scroll through and take your pick!


eatwith europe's famous hostels

Not only will you come away with a full tummy of delicious local delicacies but often with friends for life.  You can even rate your hosts and their cooking skills after the night to give your hosts the recognition they deserve!

Eat With Europe’s Famous Hostels

Europe’s Famous Hostels is teaming up with EatWith to encourage savvy travellers to experience local cuisine to the full using

Over four fabulous events in September, will be hosting four Eat With Europe’s Famous Hostels events at the Famous Hostels in Rome, Barcelona and Paris. With plenty more to come after that!  Keep your ears open for an event near you and book your beds with Europe’s Famous Hostels!

Want to try EatWith? Go to and the city where you want to experience a delicious event”


Eat With Europe’s Famous Hostels
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