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Vida nocturna en Lisboa

Ubicación: Lisboa Length: 4 hours Es necesario: Ambiente

¡Mejor albergue en la ciudad!Oasis Backpackers Hostales Lisboa está situado en una de las zonas más cool de la ciudad. Cuelgue hacia fuera en su patio jardín y conocer el verdadero sabor de la ciudad capital de Portugal.

Info básica

The streets of Lisbon are certainly the place to be when it starts to get dark outside. If this is the destination of your next vacation then it is time to start thinking about what will be going on while you are there. The possibilities are going to be endless and you will find that the hardest decision will not be what to do, it will be where to do it.

Bairro Alto

When you ask for places in to enjoy Lisbon’s night you automatically hear “Bairro Alto”. Meaninghigh district, Bairro Alto is a maze of cobblestone narrows and its vibrant life during the day continues through the night with bars and restaurants. For younger people this is the place to be on weekends, when the sreets get crowded full of nocturnal drinkers. Here you can find bars for all tastes: from caipirinha bars, to alternative live music, jazz or eletronic.

Cais do Sodré

Later on you will leave Bairro Alto and head to Cais do Sodréanother famous district in Lisbon’s nightlife. Once a seedy area of Lisbon, is now a vibrant district full of bars and restaurantsthe cool and place to be in the city! With a bohemian style similar to Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré offers a great diversity of bars while the crowd get togehter outside while drinking on the streets. Its main street, Rua Nova do Carvalho known asThe Pink Streetis famous worldwide and you maybe have seen it in multiple instagram photos. In the old days this district was full of brothels and decadence lifestyle.


Pensão do Amor

Translated to English, Pensão do Amor meansLove Pensionsince it was a cheap guest-house with rooms rented by the hour to prostitutes. This unique bar is located in Cais de Sodré, the former red light district where sailors where looking for company back in the old days. Established in a 18th century building along 5 floors, you can admire stunning views of the city while getting a burlesque and bohemian feeling.

A Tasca do Chico

Lisbon is full of love and Fado music. But to feel the love and sadness of Fado you must hear it in the right placenot the ones packed of tourists. There is no better place to listen to it all other than Tasca do Chico. Located in the charming Bairro Alto, this bar will take your Lisbon experience to the next leveldon’t forget to order a glass of red wine during the Fado session!

Night Clubs

Lux Frágil

Located on the river front, Lux Frágil is one of Lisbon’s biggest and well known nightclubs. Since 1998 has brought to the city famous Dj’s and live performances. With weekly events we can guarantee that you will have a great time in this popular nightclub!

Music Box

Righ in the middle of the action, this nightclub is located in Cais do SodréPink Street. It’s one of the most popular and hotspots right now in Lisbonwith live music shows, nightclub, bar and lounge this place offers large possibilities during your night out in the city!

Pubcrawl in Lisbon

Let’s get real and find a great Pubcrawl in Lisbon, right? Well that’s pretty easy.. The best Pubcrawl happens to be in the best Hostel in townOasis Backpackers Mansion Lisbon! Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

¡Reserva ahora y vamos a entrar a la fiesta!


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Punto de encuentro: Oasis Backpackers Mansion de Lisboa

We leave the hostel at 23:30 to the first bar for a beer or sangria, then heading off to the next place for some free shots. Finally we move to a club around 2am to dance the night away.



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