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Europe’s Famous Hostels Summer Trip

Posted at:17 August, 2018 in Blog, On The Road - Summer Trip 2018

From August to October, the creative and digital media specialist Andrew Santos will travel around Europe with Eurail/Interrail and will stay in 15 Famous HostelsOur 43 hostels are in Europe’s favourite destinations, each located in the city centre. Stray from the ordinary and explore the best destinations of Europe. Unique, authentic and local. Curious where he’s going? Read more below!

Photo credits: Andrew Santos

About Andrew Santos:

Andrew’s a creative based out of Whistler, BC specializing in Video and Digital Media.  He has found his passion through filming action sports with his friends at a very young age. He hasn’t stopped since he did a trip around the world to over 40 countries. He’s a promoter of good times and high levels of stoke. If you want to know more about Andrew you can visit his website, youtube page or instagram profile.

Photo credits: Andrew Santos

Andrew will travel through Europe with Eurail/Interrail Pass and will stay at 15 Famous Hostels. He will discover the hidden treasures of the so called old continent: from the exotic Istanbul, the fascinatining Jerusalem, sunny beaches of Rimini or the famous old-town of Prague. Less exotic but not less beautiful Andrew will also visit Flandres Region, central Germany and eastern regions such as Hungary and Serbia. You can see the full itinerary below:

1.Marseille – Vertigo Vieux-Port

2.Lille – Gastama Hostel

3.Bruges – St. Christopher’s The Bauhaus

4.Rotterdam – The ROOM

5.Berlin – Sunflower Hostel

6.Frankfurt – Five Elements Hostel

7.Prague – Czech Inn

8.Munich – Euro Youth Hostel

9.Zagreb – Chill Out Hostel

10.Belgrade – Arkabarka Hostel

11.Istanbul – Hush Hostel Lounge

12.Jerusalem – Abraham Hostel

13.Budapest – Mavericks Hostel

14.Milan – Ostello Bello

15.Rimini – Sunflower Hostel

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Europe’s Famous Hostels Summer Trip
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