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Interrail and Eurail Pass and Europe’s Famous Hostels

Use your Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass to visit the best hostels in Europe’s Famous Hostels

What if we told you that you not only get the Europe’s top hostels but you are now able to travel in style with Interrail to the best destinations?

Famous Hostels offers an exclusive 10% discount, in advance bookings, for Interrail/Eurail Pass holders in 37 cities across Europe!


What do I have to do to get the Interrail & Famous Hostels discount?

To get the 10% discount you have to:

  1. Book the hostels through Europe’s Famous Hostels Website
  2. At check-in, present the booking confirmation email and Interrail/Eurail pass.


Which destinations and hostels are included in this Interrail and Famous Hostels offer?

You are able to travel from north to southern European countries, to far east where Europe meets Asia or even pick the eastern lands. From capitals to smaller towns, there’s 37 cities to explore and immerse into European culture. Just pick the destinations and travel like there’s no tomorrow.


Complete list of Destinations & Hostels included:

Interrail and Eurail Pass and Europe’s Famous Hostels
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