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Nightlife in Loch Ness Nightlife in Loch Ness

Nightlife in Loch Ness

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It only really gets properly dark at Loch Ness in winter – in summer the daylight hours are so long we can enjoy beers in the garden well into the night! So after a day exploring/skiing/walking/sightseeing during the winter months here are some of the best things to be doing for Nightlife in Loch Ness!

Attend a “Ceilidh”

Traditionally a social gathering with music and dancing. Ceilidh’s are a hoot and not for the faint-hearted – the dancing can be vigorous, verging on the violent (expect some bruises)… the vigorousness is of course directly proportional to the amount of whisky consumed!

nightlife in loch ness

Nightlife in Loch Ness: Feel the heat

Some of Scotland’s best cuisine is heart-warming and perfect winter fayre – Cullen skink, Venison Stew, Cranachan would be our 3-course winter meal of choice.

Get comfy by a roaring log fire with a “dram” in hand. There are many many single malts to sample, along with a fast growing number of boutique breweries popping up in the area.

Find a traditional local pub for a hearty meal and to sample some local ales.

Try Haggis and Neeps!

January is the month where most Haggis is consumed due to Burns’ Night being celebrated on 25th….  so a perfect time to try Haggis, Neeps & Tatties for the first time!

loch ness nightlife

There are at least three different breweries that you can visit while you are in Loch Ness.   Tour them in the evening hours once you have had your dinner and try out some of the local brew.  Or, go before dinner and start your evening by testing what is available and then get more when you have your dinner!

Nightlife in Loch Ness does not have to be all about food and brew.  You can very easily sign up for an evening cruise and enjoy some time out on the water.

This is a great way to learn about the area and to see things that you may not be able to see if you were on foot.  Some of the cruises that you are going to find could also offer dinner and drinks.  You simply have to take the time to research what is available and pick what sounds good to you.

Nightlife in Loch Ness
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