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Tips for Backpacking to the fullest in Interlaken

Backpacking in the early days consisted of having a rough plan or loose itinerary of places to go and see, armed with only a guide book, a note pad with word of mouth inspirations of other people’s past embellished experiences and hand-me-down hostel flyers. But what is backpacking now? How can you in those recent years, experience to the fullest your next best big adventure? Here are some thoughts to get you started…

Backpacking is a culture

When staying at a hostel, get to know the people staying there with you. Not only will you learn more about the backpacking culture, you may even find some tips on where the best kebab in town is, or which country/city to visit next and which hostel to stay in.

Use what’s at your disposal to minimize the headaches

Planning is great but living the randomness of life can be better. Minimize the amount of lost days going in circles on the Internet figuring out how to get to specific point of interest and increase the experiences in places where your hearth will melt. Use the internet wisely, but don’t overdo it. Pick a location and give yourself some freedom to explore.

Meet locals as soon as possible

Every major and most smaller Cities have a free walking tour option which should be the first thing you do when arriving somewhere new. If you ask at the front desk of any Europe’s Famous Hostels reception they will recommend a local walking tour unique to the city. At that moment, you will be walked around the city by someone who is passionate about the place you have just traveled to and they will want to give you their own personal spin on the place, while giving you an insightful minor history lesson into the main focal points. Just book one and let the tour guide do the rest.

Find Hidden Treasures

Check out places off the beaten track. Balmer’s Tent village for example.  The name alone draws all sorts of different and unique travelers from around the world. The cozy and quiet atmosphere promotes easy bonding experiences with everyone staying there, and the surrounding view inspires one to get off the chair and out on to a hiking trail. Anywhere you go, ask around to discover that special place that will make you journey different.

Don’t waste your time

Use the unique opportunity you have in life to travel to the fullest. Use it as a learning experience to learn more about new people, places and things. Use it for building friendships. You’ll not only learn how to make new friends, but these might be friends you’ll keep for a lifetime. And most importantly, use it to learn about yourself! Enjoy your travels and embrace all experiences, good or bad! They are all experiences!

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