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Bratislava Food Guide

Bratislava Food Guide

Looking for the ultimate Bratislava Food guide? From traditional meals, to sweet dishes, and vegan and vegetarian options, you’ll love the gastronomy options in the Slovakian capital.

Hearty. Simple. Earthy. These words come to mind when sampling authentic Slovakian food. Slovakia is a country full of flat lowlands, Alpine mountains, and landscape perfect for wine production. And the landscape is reflected in the food, where you don’t have strong spices or overwhelming exotic flavours. It’s a simple kitchen, and it’s always made with love!

But it’s not just about the traditional foods in Bratislava: whether you’re craving some spicy Asian dish, fresh vegan food, or a charming café, you’ll find it here! Ready to explore our Bratislava food guide? Then read on and discover our delicious recommendations!

Bratislava Food Guide

Bratislava Food Guide

Traditional Slovakian Dishes

One of the best parts of discovering a new destination is exploring their local cuisine. And this section will help you do that! From hearty stews to sweet dumplings, our Bratislava food guide covers it all. And while most traditional meals are not vegan or vegetarian friendly, some restaurants do offer veggie alternatives. So always check the menu before assuming it’s not an option!

Bratislava Food Guide

Cesnaková polievka


If you’re visiting Bratislava around Christmas, then you’ll have to try kapustnica. Made from dried mushrooms, smoked meat, and sauerkraut, this soup will surely warm you up. It’s a staple dish at Christmas, and is usually served as an appetiser. But if you decide to cook it at home, we have a little tip! Kapustnica tastes better if you let it sit in the fridge overnight. The ingredients have a chance to settle and the flavour is much better the next day!

Creamy Garlic Soup (Cesnaková polievka)

This creamy garlic soup is a winner for vegetarians! This staple dish can be found in nearly all restaurants, and is always served in a bread bowl, making it a special experience. Just make sure to take a mint after your meal to chase away the garlic!

Segedin Goulash

As you’ve probably guessed, this dish has a Hungarian influence! Segedin Goulash is a pretty popular main dish, and is usually served with dumplings. The main ingredients are sauerkraut and pork, so while it’s also not exactly veggie-friendly, it has to be included in our Bratislava food guide. We recommend trying it with some steamed dumplings. This dish will certainly fill you up after a long day of exploring the city!


Many Slovakian dishes come with dumplings on the side with a soup or a stew, but they also work as a main dish. You can choose from a wide variety, including potato, plum (topped with poppy seeds), sauerkraut, and so much more. If we had to recommend anything to eat while in Bratislava, it’s definitely the dumplings!


These sweet buns are filled with poppy seeds, jam, and cottage cheese, and they make a great, sweet main dish. And it’s another addition to the vegetarian options amongst traditional Slovakian food!

Vegan and Vegetarian Food

As you’ve likely noticed, traditional Slovakian food isn’t entirely welcoming to vegans or vegetarians. But the food scene in Bratislava is certainly changing, and the options are widening! Rather than give you recommendations for dishes to try, this section will explore our favourite restaurants in the city.

Bratislava Food Guide


Green Buddha

This is easily one of the most popular Thai spots in Bratislava. Green Buddha is a tested and true favourite among vegetarians, and it definitely offers something a bit more exotic than traditional Slovakian meals. The menu has a spice rating system, so you can more or less prepare for what to expect when it comes to flavour. And it caters to to vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores, so it’s a great option for everyone!


Looking to indulge in some delectable raw, vegan food? Bemba is where it’s at! This colourful and flavourful menu will change any reservations you may have had about raw food and flip them upside down. We recommend the kimchi gazpacho and the tacos!


This place is a great mix of vegetarian Indian and Thai food. In fact, it’s so popular that restaurants of the same name have opened up in several spots around the country. Thali has a cool feature, and it’s that you order exactly how much food you want, rather than the standard serving. Your amounts determine your price, but you’ll be pleased with their low prices anyway!

Cafés & Bars

If you’re looking for a place to rest and indulge while exploring, Bratislava is filled with many incredible cafés! But if you’d rather recharge in a bar you can do that too. This area is entirely dedicated to the best watering holes and java spots in the Slovakian capital.

Bratislava Food Guide

Enjoy a delicious Slovakian beer outdoors!

Foxford Obchodná

If you happen to be a working nomad and you’re looking for a great place to get some work done, then this is it! Outfitted with large tables, great wifi, and two floors of seating, Foxford Obchodná will exceed your expectations. And even if you’re not working, don’t let that deter you from visiting. It also houses a bookshop, so you can pick something up along with a cappuccino if you’d like.

Štúr Café

Seeing as Bratislava isn’t too far from Vienna, you can imagine the two share a lot in common when it comes to café culture. And Štúr Café is considered a pioneer in post-communist Slovakia, and a visit here is a must. Serving breakfast all day long, along with delicious cakes, coffees, and other desserts, you’ll love the atmosphere and options here.

Gorila Urban Space

What’s a food guide to Bratislava without mentioning at least one hipster hangout? Gorila Urban Space is a favourite among the younger crowds in the city, and is the perfect place to brunch, work, hang out with friends, or dog watch! Yes, this place is dog friendly so you know it’s certainly worth a visit!

Where to Stay in Bratislava

Looking for accommodation while in the Slovakian capital? Be sure to book Patio Hostel in Bratislava for the ultimate backpacking experience! Fully equipped with laundry, kitchens, and a cosy commons area, you’ll feel at home here.

Bratislava Food Guide

So, are you ready to take on the food scene in the Slovakian capital? We’re sure our Bratislava Food Guide has helped point you in the right direction. If you’re looking for more information to plan your adventure, or simply get inspired, click here to find tons of helpful tips and tricks. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Youtube.

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