What to see in Berlin Berlin Guide

What to see in Berlin

Berlin is arguably the most important city in Europe for those of you interested in Twentieth Century history, and the scars and the stories of totalitarianism are all around you. Added to that Berlin also has one of the most vibrant arts and music scenes on the continent, with parties nightly and in any number of outlandish locations, and exhibitions of new artists drawn to the city from across Germany and beyond.

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What to see in Berlin

Must see tips for Berlin include the TV Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and what’s left of the Berlin Wall, but Berlin’s number one attraction is simply its atmosphere. Check out the bars, the cafes and the clubs, and get a flavour of what draws so many young and cool people to the city.

love week berlin

Of course, one of the landmark events of the city is the Love Parade, which although cancelled in 2004, lived on in spirit with a ten-day Love Week which brought some of the most famous German and international DJs and electronic acts.

Even if you’re not in town for those crazy, heady days of Love Week, Berlin is the European home of techno and other assorted electronica, and every week there are parties across the city that will blow your mind. Ask at the Circus Hostel, at the reception or down in the bar, for tips of what’s going on in the city that night.

Finally, Berlin has not offered much (compared to Munich at least) in the field of gastronomy, but it can lay claim, via its numerous Turkish immigrants, to being the birthplace of the Döner Kebab.

They are better here than anywhere, trust us, and no trip to Berlin is complete without one, three in the morning stumble to whichever Imbiss is closest to fill your face with meat, bread, salad, and sauce that will run down your chin…

what to see in berlin

Of course Germany has to offer by far more than just Berlin or Munich, these are just two out of countless hotspots, give it a try!