Discover food in London what to eat in London Guide London Guide

Discover food in London what to eat in London Guide

London is one of the best cities that you can visit. It has something for everyone. It has spectacular scenery, friendly people, rich history and multiple fun things to do.

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What to eat in London – Discover Food in London

London has some of the best restaurants in the world. The food prices may be expensive so if you are on a tight food budget you should definitely shop around.

Visitors usually pose the question what to eat in London? If you want to eat cheap good meals there are plenty of options that you can choose from.

Buying ‘take out’ which they commonly refer to as take away food, is usually cheaper than if you were to eat in an establishment. By buying it to go you’ll be guaranteed of saving a few pounds.

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Fish and chips are a popular dish, not only in London but in the whole of the UK. They are cheap and will help you in save while eating something typical and delicious! The quality varies depending on the place hence you should pick where you are going to buy them from carefully.  Our pick of the Fish and Chip shops is the Fish Club in St John’s Hill.

Veggie restaurants in London are cheaper compared to the rest. Not all of them are inexpensive but a majority offer excellent value. You should definitely try them out whether you’re veggie or not!  Try out Food for Thought on Neal Street for something cheap and delicious.

You can also decide to eat ethnic food in London. There are great deals that are offered on kebabs, curries and other specialties from countries such as Asia, India, the Middle East and other regions. The dishes may either be served with French fries which are called chips in the area or rice. Do not be surprised if it is served with French fries rather that rice.

Dining on pub food is always cheaper. The quality of food is hard to predict in this situation. It may be heavy and starchy or in some cases the food may be really wonderful. You can also order a pint of lager or ale to enjoy with the food.

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If you want more information on what to eat in London you should ask the locals. The people who live in the neighborhood are in a better position of telling you about the cheapest places to get some good food. You’ll get suggestions about one or two places that you should visit. You should also look for places that have a lot of people because the high demand will mean that the food is of good value and quality.


Discover food in London what to eat in London Guide
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