Scottish adventures in Edinburgh and Loch Ness Inspire me

Scottish adventures in Edinburgh and Loch Ness

Edinburgh and Loch Ness

Europe is not only known for its scenically beautiful places, but also destinations that offer great outdoor activities – riding, climbing, water sports and more. You name an activity and Europe has it all. Two such cities that offer outdoor activities to visitors are Edinburgh and Loch ness.


 Edinburgh is the historical capital of Scotland and has gained momentum in recent times because of its happening nightlife and vast array of gigs and events. Moreover, some of its outdoor activities are unrivaled and include everything from quad biking, paintball, water rafting, canyoning to duckie.

As soon as evening sets in, the city of Edinburgh has an altogether different appearance and appeal. The evening could start with a carting challenge or clay shooting. This could then be followed by a delicious Scottish dinner and a good old boogie in one of Edinburgh’s famous nightclubs.

A weekend in Edinburgh can become a memorable experience with outdoor activities with the night life that follows thereafter. Outdoor activities like biking and water rafting have gained importance because the youth looks for these types of activities when travelling. It adds thrill and fun to their excursions. Thus, Edinburgh offers it all to the stags for the perfect weekend.

Loch Ness

This part of Scotland called Loch ness is sparsely populated but the scope of outdoor activities is beyond imagination. It’s the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Loch ness offers outdoor activities like walking, horse riding, fishing, wildlife tours, water sports and canoeing. Scotland’s finest ski-resorts are just about an hours drive to the south of Loch Ness.

Loch Ness riding offers spectacular sceneries for horse riding making it a very memorable outdoor experience for tourists.

There are some guided wildlife tours that the city offers because of the wildlife nature of the city. Tourists are attracted to such wildlife and are fascinated to see so many wild animals together at one place; not to mention the lake’s own famous wildlife inhabitant!

Thus, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Edinburgh and Loch Ness are the places to visit.





Scottish adventures in Edinburgh and Loch Ness
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