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Five reasons why you should stay at Europe’s Famous Hostels based on my Eurotrip experience

When you travel and explore new destinations there’s nothing better than staying at a really good hostel. A place where you’re excited to go back to at the end of a busy day of sightseeing, where you can have a beer and meet other travellers and most importantly, a place with an excellent location (and affordable prices). I thought it was too much to ask for but I found all of this in Europe’s Famous Hostels.

Over the past month I was lucky to visit 11 of Europe’s Famous Hostels in 10 different countries. I went to Athens, Rome, Nice, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Interlaken and Barcelona. I did this amazing trip by train with my Global Interrail Pass and was so happy to arrive at an amazing hostel each time. Therefore, I will share my 5 reasons why you should stay at Europe’s Famous Hostels on your Eurotrip.

1. Best locations

All of the Europe’s Famous Hostels are located right in the city center, close to the tourist attractions but also surrounded by nice local restaurants. The staff always helped me to find the best places to go and I got to see everything I wanted and more! Also, the hostels are really easy to reach. As I mentioned before, I travelled by train and got to all the hostels by public transport (I never had to take expensive taxis or anything!).

2. Great facilities

When you travel for a while you don’t only want to make friends at the hostel bar but you also want to wash your clothes, use a locker for your valuables and grab something easy to eat. All of the hostels I stayed at offered these facilities, some even offered free dinner (Kabul Hostel in Barcelona), had a hot tub in the garden (Balmer’s Hostel in Interlaken) and a rooftop bar looking out over the whole city (AthenStyle in Athens).

3. Popular with backpackers

One of the reasons I love to travel is to meet people and make new friends. The best place to do this is in a hostel! Therefore I always go to popular hostels such as St. Christopher’s Inn in Paris Canal, St. Christopher’s Village London and the Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam. Actually all of the hostels were pretty well known. When I met an elderly man in the train to Copenhagen he even knew to tell me I was staying in a very good hostel when I mentioned I was on my way to Copenhagen Downtown Hostel.

4. Amazing staff

What truly makes or breaks a hostel is the staff. When you walk into a hostel with your heavy backpack it’s so nice to be welcomed with a smile and given the time to find your passport that suddenly isn’t at the spot you thought you put it. I especially love it when the staff joins you for a drink such as the amazing bar staff in at Alessandro Palace in Rome and when the walking tour is given by one of the staff members. In Nice, where I stayed at the Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel, I honestly had the best walking tour ever as Matt told incredible stories I’m still laughing about!

5. Cleanliness

Even though it’s all about the vibe, people, location etc. I also highly value it when a hostel is clean. I simply love to sleep in a clean bed and shower without being afraid to touch the walls. I mean, you know the feeling when you get home after a trip and everything is clean again? I had that at Hostel Ruthensteiner in Vienna! Actually, I’ve stayed in hundreds of hostels and none of them were as clean as the ones I stayed at this trip!

I can recommend everyone to stay at Europe’s Famous Hostels if you want to get the most out of your trip in Europe. Also, I would love to thank all the staff for being so nice and welcoming. I will be back soon!

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