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Get Outdoors this Summer in Europe

Posted at:28 July, 2016 in Blog, Travel Tips

Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Have a life changing moment paragliding, get hiking in the mountains, or go for an adrenalin pumped adventure on water. There’s plenty to do out in nature, check out our guide of the best places to get outdoors this summer in Europe!


Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Go Swiss – breathe the mountain air

Not only the home to delicious chocolate, fondus and secret bank accounts, Switzerland is known for outdoor adventures forged from its mountains and rivers. With the scenic mountain peaks of the Eiger, Monch and Junfrau around you, the Swiss Alps offer the chance to fly around these majestic mountains by hanggliding, paragliding, skydiving, bungy jumping, or just taking a light plane! Yes really – they love an adrenalin sport and offer pretty much anything you can think of doing. If water is more your thing then there’s also white water rafting, grapple with a kayak, or simply take a boat out on the lake. You can also throw yourself around and down waterfalls, also known as canyoning. These awesome activities don’t come cheap so if you’re on a budget then there is always the option to swim in the lakes or to just use your own two legs, fortify yourself with some fresh air and hike it or bike it!

Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Balmer’s Interlaken

Balmer’s Hostel Interlaken

Balmer’s is a Famous party and adventure hostel set in a traditional chalet style building in the cute town of Interlaken, straddling two beautiful lakes and overlooked by the Swiss Alps. Known for having adventures all day and parties all night (and a great Biergarten and Grill), those at Balmer’s know how to party. If you’re here in summer then don’t miss their Tent Village with hot tub under the stars! Book your bed at Balmer’s here


Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Nice beach!


Watersports on the French Riviera at Nice

It’s not just the glorious sunny beaches and delicious French food that gets us excited about Nice; there are also a whole host of activities to enjoy when you’re done with sunbathing and exploring the old town. Inland you can do canyoning and hiking in the hills nearby and the wealth of water sports include the usual waterskiing and jet-ski fun, but also you can learn to sail with one of the sailing boat courses or get beneath the waves and learn to scuba dive. Get your snorkel ready and jump into the Med!

Get outdoors this summer in Europe


Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel 

THE best place to stay in Nice, the Villa Saint Exupery is a social hostel has a great location in the centre of town and near to the promenade and beach and is great value. There’s a bar with happy hour and live music and it’s full of friendly travelers to meet. So go and get outdoors this summer in Europe!

Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Salzburg Old Town

The hills are alive in Salzburg, Austria

If you’re heading through central Europe then why not visit Mozart’s home of Salzburg – you can frolic in the hills as seen in the Sound of Music and enjoy a variety of activities outside of the city including canyoning, rafting, mountain biking, hiking of course and horse-riding. There are also leisure sports such as golf and fishing if that’s your bag. Once you’ve done with the cute cobbled town itself, then head out to the hills and start singing!


Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Bad Gastein Spa Town, Austria

Famous for its spas and great ski slopes, Bad Gastein is also a great summer resort for hiking the beautiful mountains, chilling out at the mountain spas and pools, and a whole host of water sports. Get yourself immersed in nature in this town and enjoy the spectacular views.

Get outdoors this summer in Europe

Bad Gastein


If you’re heading to Austria then don’t miss our famous hostels there – from central Salzburg to the mountain spa town of Bad Gastein. Stay in YoHo Hostel Salzburg for an authentic hostel experience. This centrally located and long running family hostel has great history and a bar full of great times! If you’re heading to Bad Gastein then get yourself to Euro Youth Hotel Krone – the best hostel in town offering great accommodation, facilities and local activities.

Get outdoors this summer in Europe

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Get outdoors this summer in Europe! To book a hostel in Europe see

Get Outdoors this Summer in Europe
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