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If Vienna was a woman-traveller’s guide to Vienna If Vienna was a woman-traveller’s guide to Vienna

If Vienna was a woman-traveller’s guide to Vienna

If Vienna was a woman, she would be drop-dead gorgeous, romantic and exciting. However, not everything about Vienna is about the famous Vienna Opera House, luscious Sachertorte and fancy dress-balls.

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You can also enjoy Vienna on a limited budget and still see many of the wondrous and unforgettable sights if you follow up with our guide to Vienna.

A guide to Vienna: The Churches

You can appreciate the classic and timeless beauty of Viennese architecture by visiting some of its churches, which normally do not require an admissions fee. Don’t miss Stephansdom (near Stephansplatz U-bahn station), Karlskirche near Karlsplatz or Votivkirche  (U-bahn stop Schottentor).

guide to vienna stephensdom

After visiting Votivkirche, have a hearty and tasty meal at Der Wiener Deewan, a Pakistani buffet restaurant which has a “pay-as-you-wish” scheme! Fill yourself up with their yummy food before heading out for a window-shopping walk along Mariahilferstrasse to check out the latest in fashion and technology.  End your walk at the Museumsquartier for a relaxing stretch on their geometric chairs.

See the Opera in Vienna

Christmas Time in Vienna

If you’re lucky to be visiting Vienna at Christmas time, Burggasse is full of interesting little cafés and booths that will sell you a warm cup of gluhwein (mulled, spiced wine) while you peek among booths filled with unique handicrafts and street food.

Take a leisurely stroll across the Museumsquartier to where the Natural History Museum, the lovely city library with a fantastisch view of the lit-up Rathaus (City Hall) at night. Take a walk to the Vienna State Opera House. Recreate your “Before Sunrise” moment by climbing up to the Albertina Museum balcony for a memorable view of the opera. If you come by during the spring and summertime, you may just be able to grab a free show of the current opera on the big screens that are set up outside!

You’ll find yourself back in the charming and cobbled streets of the old town just in time for a quick bite from the wurstelstands and a nightcap. As you walk along modern buildings interspersed with old churches and structures, you’ll realize that Vienna is more than a city of history and tradition; Vienna is uniquely able to blend the modern with the classic.

You know what? To end your trip, go ahead and indulge in that Sachertorte; a unique combination of moist chocolate cake and apricot jam. After all, when you’re in Vienna, it’s like being in love with a beautiful woman. And that cake is a lovely parting kiss. Tschuss!

guide to vienna sachertorte

If Vienna was a woman-traveller’s guide to Vienna
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