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Hostels vs. Hotels, Episode 2 – Milan

Hostels vs. Hotels, Episode 2 – Milan

Ever wondered what the difference is between hostels and hotels? We found two enthusiastic people to head to some of Europe’s coolest destinations to check out and compare the best hostel and a 5 star hotel. And in this episode, we send our hosts to Milan. Wonder what they discovered?
Hostels vs. Hotels - Episode 2, Milan

Hostels vs. Hotels – Episode 2, Milan


Popularly known as the fashion and financial capital of Italy, Milan is the feature destination in the second episode of, ‘Hostels vs. Hotels’. Located in north Italy, Milan is an attractive spot for lots of people looking for an urban escape. But did you know it’s also well-connected to some of the most gorgeous small towns as well? Think Lake Como or Cinque Terre! So whether you’re after Instagram hot spots, some interesting street art, or just some good ol’ fashioned Italian culture, Milan is calling your name!

And like Amsterdam (our first episode destination), Milan is also a popular tourist spot, meaning you sometimes have to book well in advance to get a bed or a room in that highly coveted hostel or hotel. So be sure to do your research and booking ahead of time so you don’t end of disappointed.

Choosing Accommodation

Gone are the days of hotels being outrageously expensive and hostels being outrageously unclean and dangerous. Hotels have become more affordable, while hostels have become much more safe, exceptionally clean, and fun. But when it comes time to plan your own trip, where will you stay? Well, that depends on several things! Are you travelling solo? Is it for work? Do you like meeting new people? These are just a few of the essential factors to consider when choosing the right accommodation for yourself. So before booking anything, be sure to ask yourself these questions, and think about your general needs and expectations. Because at the end of the day, your choice of accommodation can make or break your vacation.

But maybe you don’t even know what a hostel really looks and feels like. Or maybe you’ve heard your Aunt Karen trash talk hostels, and you’re eager to prove her wrong. So to help you make that informed decision, our hosts cover all the topics you might be mulling over.

Hostels vs. Hotels - Episode 2, Milan - Our amazing hosts!

Hostels vs. Hotels – Episode 2, Milan – Our amazing hosts!

In This Episode

In the second episode of Hostels vs. Hotels, our hosts head to Milan! Our hosts stayed at the famous Ostello Bello for one night, and spent their second night at a 5 star hotel. While we won’t reveal the name of the hotel (ya know, for legal reasons), we can assure you it’s a well known chain!

And they checked out both accommodation locations thoroughly. From the rooms, to the common areas, the social value, and even the basics like cleanliness, our hosts cover it all. They take you through what it’s like to be a guest at Ostello Bello, as well as a fancy hotel. Who will win? You’ve got to catch the episode to see!

Want to catch the full episode?

Catch the full video on our YouTube channel here:


Hostels vs. Hotels, Episode 2 – Milan

We hope you enjoyed episode 2 of Hostels vs. Hotels as much as our hosts enjoyed this experience. In the case of Milan, the hosts seemed to have made their choice pretty clear for what they were looking for. While the hotel offered lots of great amenities and had very friendly staff, the hostel was much more suitable for them. Which one would you choose?

If you’re looking for more information to help you plan, click here. Our blog ranges from city & food guides, travel tips, and more, all in an effort to inspire your next getaway. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on InstagramTikTokFacebookPinterest, and Youtube.

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