Something Exotic – Jerusalem and Istanbul Inspire me

Something Exotic – Jerusalem and Istanbul

Broaden your horizons in Jerusalem and Istanbul

Europe is the home of splendid views, great cuisines and some great outdoor activities. Apart from that, there are certain destinations that are generally ‘out of the loop’, and which many think of as exotic locations. These destinations offer a completely different perspective and the experience of a lifetime. Two such places that you could say are exotic destinations are Jerusalem and Istanbul. Although, both are religious centric destinations but the offers these cities have are just exotic. Let’s discuss them in detail:


Architecture, culinary creations, culture and holy sites, Jerusalem is the complete package for an exotic destination. There is a wide array of activities to choose from.

You can visit the old city, which has its own vibe and ambience. You can take a walk through it and feel the calm. There is a story behind each stone and archeology. It flaunts its rich legacy.

To add to the exotic holiday, you can visit the Yehuda market which is an incredibly exciting place to visit. It is not only about buying fruits or vegetables, but you can buy exotic things like cheese, baked goods and ethnic dishes. It is a place to feel the people, custom and food of this amazing ancient city.

Sherover Goldman promenade offers one of the panoramic views and three adjacent promenades where you can have bird’s eye view of the old city and parts of western Jerusalem. Most of the tourists are found walking here to enjoy views of the old city. This place also has the United Nations Middle East Headquarters, located at the end of Golden Promenade. Our Jerusalem Guide will show you exactly what to see while in Jerusalem.


Istanbul has been a home to a rich and flourishing civilization. It is an incredibly attractive city where the east meets with the west, people drink tea along the banks of the Bosphorous and haggle for a deal in the bazaars.

A couple of the main sights to view are Hagia Sophia that has an architectural side to it and the diversity this city shows ahs a blend of Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Another place that is a must visit is the Blue Mosque because of its exotic Ottoman design which will mesmerize you. It is so magnificent that you will just struck in awe of its beauty. The Grand Bazaar is the perfect place to visit for shopping, as it is one of the oldest and largest markets. Check out our Istanbul Guide for more of the sights in Istanbul.

Jerusalem and Istanbul offer a lot in terms of exemplary and modern conveniences. No wonder these are the exotic holiday destinations where more and more people are deciding to extend their European holidays to visit. They offer thousands of years of history mixed in with ultra modern facilities.

Something Exotic – Jerusalem and Istanbul
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