Nightlife in Hvar Nightlife in Hvar

Nightlife in Hvar

Hvar Town has a vibrant nightlife during the May-September tourist season. Many young adults will travel to this city that never sleeps (at least not during the tourist season)! Parties go on through the day and night time hours! Hvar has recently become known as one of the best party destinations in Europe.

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Looking for an exciting hotspot to call home for your next holiday? Hvar is becoming a popular for those seeking a relaxing time to unwind. Located in beautiful Croatia, the nightlife in Havr is a booming with cocktails, great weather, and new people to meet.

Hvar has become well known as a city that doesn’t rest, primarily during the summer months. One main reason so many opt to vacation in Hvar is that there is always something happening; from live music shows to clubs with great music you are certain to never be bored there.

If quiet fun is what you are seeking, look into a place called Jelsa- where you can still have a great time, minus some of the hustle and bustle you find in the old town.

What other nightspots should you look into? For additional venues worth stopping by, check out Stari Grad or Vrboska. You can easily party well into the morning at either of these of spots. There are endless pubs, taverns, clubs, and places to find delicious meals at reasonable prices.

Nightlife in Hvar gets jam packed as soon as spring begins to end and the temperatures heat up along the sea. Hundreds of students and couples alike flock to the island to enjoy the sunshine, get a tan, and have some fun well into the night.


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Another interesting tidbit about nightlife in Hvar is that you may visit the island in June, then go back in August it will appear totally different. You will notice the waves of people that come to visit during certain moths are different from the next, as well as the type of entertainment you can find with shows and even décor along the strip.

Popular venues to enjoy this lively atmosphere include the Carpe Diem Bar, Carpe Diem Beach, Hula Hula, Veneranda, and Pink Champagne. All claim to offer the best party atmosphere on the island!

nightlife in hvar

Business owners were very wise when creating their nightlife hotspots in Hvar. You will notice they opted to combine drinking with dancing in the most memorable fashion. You can dance the night away at the many beachside bars, or in one of the nightclubs that feature live shows and even swimming pools inside them for a steamy night of smiles and great photo opportunities.

Taking advantage of the water life and what adventures you can embark on while you are in Hvar must be on your to do list. It is an exceptional place to visit for sailing on the water, have an afternoon of swimming, or take out some jet skis for the day. Apart from the seaside fun, you can also have a quiet picnic lunch in the Croatian countryside as well. Many people forget there is a serene countryside in Hvar, and it definitely is worth a quick day trip if you happen to book your stay for a week and want a break from the nonstop nightlife partying.

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Nightlife in Hvar
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