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My one-month adventure with Interrail and Europe’s Famous Hostels

Ever since I was a little girl it was my dream explore the world. I wanted to fly to far continents, experience different cultures and travel across countries. I heard stories of people around me going on Interrail trips, a trip where they went all around Europe by train, just them and their backpack. It’s funny because I remember so well the first time someone told me about this, and now, now I was going on an Interrail trip myself!

All of October I travelled around Europe with an Interrail Global Pass, this pass was my golden ticket to unlimited train rides in 30 European countries! I tried to work out where I wanted to go and came to the conclusion that I wanted to see EVERYTHING. So, I visited 11 highlights of Europe such as the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Big Ben and the Acropolis, all in just one month.

My adventure started in Athens, where I was very excited to receive my Interrail Pass. Funny to know is that my journey from there didn’t start in a train but on a ferry (which was included in my ticket too!). I took a ferry that sailed along the Greek Islands, over the clear blue Ionian Sea towards the port of Bari. From there my real train adventures would start.

Since I got a first class ticket I found myself at the most comfortable seats. Looking out of the window as I the train made its way to Rome I saw a side of Italy I’d never seen before. We rode through little towns and farmlands, over ancient bridges toward the capital of the former Roman empire. With my hostel only a few steps away from where my train arrived, I had an incredible time there. Rome is one of those places you have to see at least once in a lifetime.

From Rome I continued my journey to France, where the train literally took me along the French Riviera. The water drops of the sea almost hit the train window and the views were incredible. Without noticing we drove through three countries, from Italy to Monaco and France, all in one train. This is what I love about travelling in Europe, you don’t even realize you’re entering another country; no hour long passport control and no luggage checks, just chilling in the train enjoying the views.

After exploring Nice and Monaco I took the famous TGV (“Train à Grande Vitesse” French for: “high speed train”) up to Paris. It was the fastest train I’d ever been on and so easy, in only 5 hours I crossed the whole country and before I knew it I was drinking a red wine at the Eiffel Tower.

Yep, you heard it well, breakfast was served in the train while I made my way from Paris to London. Travelling from place to place has never been so much fun.

However, the most impressive train ride was yet to come! You’ve almost certainly heard of Eurostar, the train that goes through the world’s longest underwater tunnel. In only a bit over two(!) hours I got from Paris to downtown London. Oh and, the best thing about this journey is that all I did in those two hours was eat a croissant and drink a latte in the train.

But OK, enough about the train rides for now. Though I could write so much more on how I got from London to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Interlaken and Barcelona, on how the train in Germany suddenly just entered a ferry to sail to Denmark and how comfortable night trains can be, I’d prefer to write about the people I met on the train.

This was probably one of the nicest things about travelling solo by train: everyone is in for a chat. In Denmark I met an elderly man who not only gave me tips on what to do in Copenhagen but also gave me a history lesson on the cold war (I’m an expert now). In Austria I met a tennis player who just finished an important match and in the Swiss Alps I met Aussies who’d never seen snow before. I think everyone just secretly loved it that I was backpacking. From American tourists to locals, they all gave me a big smile and wished me an amazing journey, maybe it’s because of them it was so amazing.

Although there’s one group of people who have a special place in my heart. In the night train from Berlin to Vienna I met some other Interrailers. They were from Mexico and loved travelling as much as I did. Before I knew it we were all having beers in the train and it felt more like a good night out then travelling to a next destination.

In short, I can recommend that everyone explores Europe by train. The Interrail Global Pass is something unique as being able to just jump on a train without going through the hassle of checking in luggage, finding out where and how to get a ticket and by simply paying one fixed price is amazing. I love the concept, the people I met and of course the views from my train. Thanks Interrail, for showing me the best of Europe.

With an Interrail/Eurail Pass you get 10% off 37 Europe’s Famous Hostels! This will save you a LOT of money while you get to stay at hostels with an amazing location, best vibes and the most comfortable beds. All you have to do is book the hostels here and present your reservation with the Interrail/Eurail Pass when you check in!

Visit Daisy’s Blog My Travel Tricks for more info.

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