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The Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016

Posted at:25 May, 2016 in Blog, Festivals, Special Events

The Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016

Czech Beer Festival

If you’re into Bohemian Beer then don’t miss out on this hop lovers event as over 10,000 people gather to celebrate these hallowed brews at the annual Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016. With live music and entertainment in the specially set-up marquees in Prague’s lovely Letna Park, it’s sure to be a event not to miss if you’re visiting Prague in May. 


 Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016

Na zdraví! (Or ‘cheers’!)

What’s happening at the Festival?

Mostly drinking beer. Or pivo as it’s locally known. May 12th to 28th sees tents erected and traditional costumes dusted down as the beer connoisseurs gather to taste some (or all) of the 150 national and international beers on tap. Expect thousands of litres to be consumed, and with the standard of ‘pivo’ being pretty high in the Czech Republic, to taste some great local beer! There’s even a tent dedicated to ‘foreign beers’, just to have a little diversity. And where there’s beer in Prague – there’s beer cheese! Don’t miss out on the pickles and spicy sausages too – and you have yourself a typical plate of Czech haute cuisine. There’s also a full menu of traditional food to sample throughout your day and to balance out some of that beer.


 Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016

Czech out the programme for music acts

Music Programme

The festival has plenty of music performances taking place with a programme available online for each of the days. In addition to the usual drinking and merriment there will be some shows and special events worth seeing. Check the programme here


 Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016

VIP tent options available

Get your tickets

Tickets are 100CZ for all 17 days of the festival, and valid until midnight. If you’re feeling flushed there’s also a VIP entrance that you can reserve online here. Enjoy the Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016!

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The Czech Beer Festival in Prague 2016
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