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What to eat in Vienna What to eat in Vienna

What to eat in Vienna

There are many reasons to visit Austria and its capital city; but perhaps surprisingly for some, food is definitely one of them. Discovering What to eat in Vienna, you'll find wide variety of places to dine, from sumptuous Michelin-starred restaurants to local spots serving schnitzel, goulash, and other hearty fare. Excellent Austrian wines to accompany the meals, or Vienna's legendary pastries, from the decadent Sacher Torte to Strudel with a variety of fillings.

Once we've sated our hunger, we can enjoy world-class culture, from the Belvedere with the largest collection of original Klimt paintings in the world, to opera and ballet at the Vienna State Opera House.

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Read on for our guide on What to Eat in Vienna

Vienna is a city with a history which absorbed the cuisine and culture of many neighbouring nations. The food which was influenced by the rich Austrian history – Hungarian Goulash, found on many menus in Vienna, is a good example of this.

Locals and tourists can find restaurants good enough to meet everyone’s expectations. Although traditional Austrian and European food prevail in this ancient city, you can very easily find a steakhouse like Porterhouse, a sushi restaurant like at Dots-lounge, Chinese at Goldene Zeiten, Indian at Nam Nam and many other cuisines from around the world.


what to eat in Vienna

What to eat in Vienna: Splashing Out

The only Viennese restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, Restaurant Steirereck presents a modern twist on Austrian cuisine. Taste the lamb, the Danube salmon, fried pigeon with herbs or veal tongue, served with oyster mushrooms as well as a boiled and grilled ‘mountain pasture ox’. The restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes come with the professionally selected wines and cheeses, so if you’re looking to impress, then Steirereck it the place to splash out.  

RieGi, awarded one Michelin star, offers superbly fresh and innovative Mediterranean and Austrian cuisine. The menus are flexible, with individually priced courses so people can opt for 3 courses or 8.

A Romantic Meal for two

After a vacation in the mountains, a busy day in the town or before a nice visit to the Vienna Opera House, there is a long list of romantic restaurants to choose from to take one’s significant other to enjoy a romantic dinner. These restaurants are all about comfort and satisfaction. They provide a nice atmosphere and serve the most delicious food.

Something Local

Weibels Wirtshaus is a fine example. It is not a large restaurant and during warmer months a table can be reserved outside the restaurant facing the restaurant’s beautiful garden .  This place attracts customers with its cozy and quiet atmosphere. At Weibels Wirtshaus, it is all about traditional Austrian cuisine. It is the place where you’ll find a menu of Wiener Schnitzel as well as Apple Strudel and their wine list is filled with many local Austrian Wines.

Fantastic Food on a Budget

If on a budget while travelling to Vienna, nice inexpensive local restaurants can also be found. There are many cafes or bistros where one can enjoy a nice meal without emptying wallet. In bistros such as RebhuhnSteman, and Gasthaus Floss hearty Austrian food served in a traditional atmosphere can be found. Most of these places are designed in a rustic style with simple tables and chairs and wood panels on the walls. At these bistros   a bowl of traditional soup like beef soup or a plentiful portion of dishes like goulash, Viennese schnitzel, served with spatzel and vegetables can be enjoyed all for under 15 Euros. This comfort food can be washed down with a glass or two of local or imported beers.


Now what to eat in Vienna for desserts. Dessert is an essential part of Viennese cuisine. There are more to desserts in Vienna than just the world famous apple strudel. The staple cake – Sacher Torte created by the chefs at Vienna’s Sacher hotel is the best place to enjoy each spoonful of this rich and decadent dessert.

The beautiful city of Vienna is filled not only with a rich cultural as well as historic heritage but also is a place where one can enjoy varied cuisines in a peaceful environment.

What to eat in Vienna
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