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Cat's Hostel Crew.

Cat’s Hostel the best party hostel in Madrid!

Posted at:5 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 1 (cont’d) The landscape from Bilbao to Madrid is beautiful… …There are mountains that end up blending into wheat fields as the bus heads south.  I never know where I am on the bus so I can never pinpoint what area is pretty, other than the vague description between cities.  Then when I arrive in […]

Independent thinkers.

Ganbara Hostel a Cheap Hostel in Bilbao

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July 30 (cont’d) I got off the train in Zaragoza and found a bus that would be leaving 45 minutes later for Bilbao… …Jackpot!  The man at the train station was right!  €19.30 for the bus ticket.  I had no idea what it was going to cost, and would have had no choice but to pay […]

Gangster bike crew.

Famous Hostels Ambassador: Backpacking Barcelona

Posted at:4 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 28 (cont’d) It is amazing how my ears pop every time the fast moving train I am on enters a tunnel… … That must be quite a pressure change when the air cannot escape freely as the locomotive cuts through the atmosphere inside of the tunnel. The train pulled into Barcelona Sants, which is the […]

Such a nice beach!

Best Hostel in Marseille Vertigo Vieux-Port Hostel

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

July 25 Shower, breakfast, pack, check-out, decide on a train… …My choices were two trains that were each 2:35h to get from Nice to Marseilles.  One was at 12:24 that required a reservation and one was at 13:53 that did not.  I wanted the extra hour and a half in Marseilles, but decided to wait […]


Nice Diving

Posted at:27 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

About eight years have passed since I last tried scuba-diving.. …I do not possess a P.A.D.I. diving certificate, so chances to dive are very limited.  In fantastic Nice they have a company with instructors that take beginner time divers under the water with them.  In the Mediterranean!  Awesome.  Nice Diving is not just a clever […]

Nice coastline.

Villa Saint Exupery Hostel in Nice Old Town

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

July 23 (cont’d) I arrived in Nice.  Nice is Nice (I am sure that is original)…. … It is a small city and it has that great small vibe.  I walked from the train station towards Villa Saint Exupery Hostel.  I was hungry so I was watching for prices of snacks on the way, but everything […]

The Catacombs of Paris.

The Catacombs of Paris

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

I got up early and left St. Christoper’s Canal Hostel to head to the Catacombs of Paris… I did not know what to really expect, but I now can say that it is one of the best €9 spent in the entire tourism industry…. I had a flyer with me that said, ‘At the end […]

The Eiffel from Le Seine.

St Christopher’s Inn Cheap Hostel in Paris

Posted at:24 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 21 (cont’d) The train pulled into Paris’ Gare de l’Est station… St Christopher’s Inn Paris is a sharp looking hostel and they have an area along the canal with tables and beach-umbrellas beside a shack that sells food and booze.  It feels like you’re at a beer gardens at the beach. I have never seen a hostel […]

Frankfurt Hauptbanhof.

Five Elements Hostel in Frankfurt near the train station

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

July 20 (cont’d) Germany is a very ‘cash’ oriented country.  Credit cards and debit cards are not normal ways of paying for anything… … If you find a bank machine, you should probably use it at once, because when you need money again you are unlikely to find one.  I was starving at Berlin Central Station […]

The Berlin Wall.  Probably the most famous image on it.

The Circus Hostel in Berlin City Centre

Posted at:23 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 18 I made my goodbyes and was out the door and at Central Station in Copenhagen by 9am… … I caught a train across the country for three hours.  At Rødby Færge I waited an hour to catch another train to Germany.  What I did not know was that the train I was waiting […]