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Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein

Posted at:30 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

June 25 (cont’d) I caught a train to Bad Gastein, Austria…. ….Congratulations to Euro Youth Hotel in Bad Gastein for being the easiest hostel to find so far on this journey! Actually, it is not a hostel, but rather a hotel for young people, as the name might suggest.  Summer time is the slow time, but […]

Skydiving in the Swiss Alps

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

I got up early to find out that my hang-gliding activity for today was cancelled.  So, Balmer’s Herberge tried to get me signed up to go paragliding instead.  When there were no spaces available for that, they asked me is I was interested in doing skydiving.  Chyaa!  I have wanted to try it for 15 […]

Eis Riesen Welt – The King of Ice Caves Austria

Posted at:26 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Ice Caves Austria: Eis Reisen Welt The bus for brings you from the town to a spot 15 minutes up the mountain where a building awaits.  Inside is where you buy your ticket to go on further to the cave where you do a tour.  I had my massive backpack with me but the girls […]

Yoho International Hostel Salzburg

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

June 23 (cont’d) I arrived in Salzburg and navigated my way to Yoho International Hostel… …which is very simple to find from the main train station.  Staff was pleasant when I walked through the door and I was impressed by how nice the reception area was. Yoho International Hostel They sorted out a very classy and […]

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Posted at:24 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

June 21 (cont’d) I arrived in Vienna at the Hauptbahnhof…. ….I had to catch the #18 tram across the city to Westbahnhof where the Hostel Ruthensteiner is located.  The ladies inside checked me in and gave me a glass of homemade elder-flower-lemonade to refresh me and make me feel welcome.  That was really nice of them.  […]

Vienna Facts 13 Interesting Bits of Banter

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

Discover Vienna with our 13 Interesting Vienna Facts! -The Palace of Vienna is a square of different buildings because each new emperor wanted to make a new building for himself. -The throne of the Holy Roman Empire was occupied continuously by the Habsburg family from 1438-1740.  They originally came to rule Austria in 1279. Discover […]

Czech Inn Prague

Posted at:22 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

June 19 (cont’d) I crossed into the Czech Republic from Germany…. …There are acres of solar paneling on the drive, and I was surprised to see that the Czech Republic is so forward thinking.  There are also signs on the side of the road that tell the temperature outside and the temperature of the highway itself.  […]

Euro Youth Hostel Munich

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

June 17 (Cont’d) I woke up on the train in Germany…. … A ticket inspector came around to check our tickets.  When I showed her my Eurorail pass, she asked to see my passport to check the ID to see if the names matched.  I told her that on 10+ trains so far, she is the […]

Balmer’s Herberge Interlaken (Part 2)

Posted at:19 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

June 16 What a day!  I woke up early to meet up with a man who took me to Outdoor the adventure store in Interlaken… I have had nothing but fun since I arrived in this town. …He outfitted me with a wet-suit and I joined a crew of 11 others to go canyoning down […]

Rafting in Interlaken

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

 An action packed day After canyoning in the morning, I signed up for a white-water rafting trip down the Lütschine River.  I had an action packed day.  Wet-suited up, we loaded into a van and were driven to the launching point somewhere along a river in the mountains of beautiful Interlaken. The raft-master of our […]