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Famous Hostels Eurotrip: Paris, France

Posted at:15 October, 2017 in "Where's Daisy?" Eurotrip Journal 2017

Paris is the fourth stop of my one-month Famous Hostels Eurotrip! Paris is one of those cities you can come back to every year and still enjoy it as much as you did the first time. I lost count of how many times I’ve visited the French capital but it must be somewhere between fifteen […]

Famous Hostels Eurotrip: Nice, France

Posted at:11 October, 2017 in "Where's Daisy?" Eurotrip Journal 2017

Nice is the third stop of my one-month Famous Hostels Eurotrip! Nice, the most colourful city of the French Riviera is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s one of those holiday spots you only know from postcards (or Instagram pictures), but now I was finally able to see the colourful French houses and […]

Famous Hostels Eurotrip: Rome, Italy

Posted at:9 October, 2017 in "Where's Daisy?" Eurotrip Journal 2017

Rome is the second stop of my one-month Famous Hostels Eurotrip!  Rome, the center of what was once an incredible empire. The remains of the Empire can be found all around the Italian capital and if you think you found a stunning building there are about 435 more – wandering around Rome leaves you speechless. […]

Famous Hostels Eurotrip: Athens, Greece

Posted at:6 October, 2017 in "Where's Daisy?" Eurotrip Journal 2017

From the first moment I arrived in Athens, I was in love. It’s one of those cities that simply has everything: from ancient temples to modern rooftop bars and the most stunning beaches- not even to mention the amazing Greek food. Athens is the first stop of my one-month Famous Hostels Eurotrip! The endless summer […]

“I won the Eurotrip of Europe’s Famous Hostels”

Posted at:28 September, 2017 in "Where's Daisy?" Eurotrip Journal 2017

Winning a holiday is something most of us could only dream of. Until a month ago when it happened to me, I won the Eurotrip of Europe’s Famous Hostels! For a full month I will get a first class Interrail Pass and can stay at all Europe’s Famous hostels on my way around Europe! Curious […]


TOP 10 travel bloggers through Europe. Budgets, tips and experiences.

Posted at:25 July, 2017 in Travel Tips

If you’re thinking of going on an adventure through Europe, you’ll definitely need some inspiration to schedule your trip. Check out the blogs featured below and take advantage of them! These backpackers plan their trips in detail. Not only to see the most important, most unknown and coolest sights and to get to the best […]

what about hostel famous hostels

Backpacking trip through Europe

Posted at:24 July, 2017 in Ambassador Blog

Not many experiences are as exciting as a backpacking trip through Europe. Nevertheless, it’s important to be prepared before starting your trip, although getting ready may seem daunting. Below we share some tips that will make it easier for you to enjoy any travel.   What about a hostel?   As the grown man you […]


Europe’s Famous Hostels Supports Team Margot Foundation

Posted at:27 June, 2017 in EFH News

   Present in 23 countries, Europe’s Famous Hostels (EFH) is a great way to involve people from all over Europe and create awareness for a cause. Recently the brand decided to start investing in their social responsibility project by supporting a specific cause – bone narrow/stem cell donations with Team Margot Foundation. “Europe’s Famous Hostels […]

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Win an all inclusive month trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

Posted at:31 May, 2017 in EFH News

This summer Europe’s Famous Hostels is organizing a contest for travel bloggers to get a chance to win 1-month trip all-inclusive in Europe! The winner will travel in style on 1st class with Interrail/Eurrail Global Pass, will sleep for free in the best hostels in Europe and even get 50 euros per day for other […]


Europe’s Famous Hostels Welcomes Strowis Hostel in Utrecht, Netherlands

Posted at:20 May, 2017 in EFH News

Europe’s Famous Hostels began as a group of 5 famous top-rated hostels back in 1995 and named themselves “The Famous Five”. Over the last 20 years budget traveling has taken off and due to huge demand for the “new concept” budget and stylish accommodation there was a need to expand. The team searched high and […]